Meet The Team

Mark Morgan-Kemp // Financial Advisor // Director of NZ 1st Financial Services.

Mark is well established in this industry for over 33 years advising on insurances, mortgages, estate planning and wealth management, including KiwiSaver, and the reduction of ACC levies. Mark affiliates his company with numerous providers which enables him to offer the most up to date and comprehensive products available to all of his New Zealand based and International clients.

Mark is married to Deanna (De), the traveller, with two boys Jake, the surfer, and Brad, the hunter/fisherman. Residing on the Hibiscus Coast for 20 years, with interests including fishing, touch rugby, fitness, gardening and travel.


Tamati Kemp // Financial Advisor


Tamati has 13 years experience in the electrical field. His time spent in the trade has enabled him to liaise with plenty of clients, and develop the skills required to absorb vital information that is then tailored to your insurance needs. 

He is currently completing a certificate in business management with ongoing up skilling of products and policies while working with a great team around him.

Sport in general rates highly in his books with a favorable lean towards rugby, league, cricket, golf and any combat art. "Teaming summer and winter sports interest is a great way to stay connected with the people and maintaining the friendships that stay with you for life."

Jane Hall // Financial Advisor


Jane has been in the financial services industry for nearly 30 years. She has worked in the banking industry in both New Zealand and the UK as well as working for a well known insurance company in Takapuna as a sales manager. She ran a successful business in NZ & UK helping people buy their home and making sure that they will keep it no matter what.  She sold her Auckland insurance business in 2013 and moved to Northland to enjoy her family’s dream of owning a lifestyle block - although this keeps her busy she misses helping people both personally and in business to ensure that they maintain their dreams, so joined the team in February 2017.


Jane’s focus is to ensure that each customer has a tailored insurance plan in place and to advise on ways to enhance their cover which includes evaluating their ACC requirements.


Her hobbies are baking, gardening and looking after her stock + a huge part of her life is being a wife & mother and enjoying everything that Northland has to offer - living the kiwi dream!


Justin Thompson // Financial Advisor


Justin has been in the Financial Services Industry for over 7 years as a facilitator of Financial Literacy seminars and a Risk Adviser for NZ 1st Financial Services. Justin’s background has seen him as a Personal Trainer and Speaker. These skills have allowed Justin to enhance his communication with his clients and to assess their needs and requirements, not just in regards to their financial affairs, but also their health requirements.

Justin loves spending his spare time with his wife Hayley and their two boys Morgan and Roman.  His hobbies include, speaking, reading, the gym, and neuroscience. Justin decided to get into the Financial services industry due to his observation of noticing that New Zealanders as a whole, need more education in relation to their own situation. His goal is to improve the financial wellbeing of every New Zealander.

Deanna Morgan-Kemp // Accounts /Payroll Manager


Deanna Morgan-Kemp is the Accounts/Administration Manager for NZ 1st Financial Services, with over 18 years experience in this role. Deanna previously came from Sales/Marketing roles and prior to sales PA/Secretarial positions. Deanna enjoys travel, shopping, beaches and leisure/social time with family and friends.

Robyn Gray // PA


Robyn has returned to work alongside Mark after having worked for him over 10 years ago. Robyn has over 30 years experience in the insurance and financial services industry. Prior working history includes 10 years as Executive Secretary/Treasurer for the AMP Advisers Association. Robyn also has experience within the legal and real estate industry.

Robyn is married to Simon and has 2 sons Nick (28) and Adam (27). In the last 5 years Robyn has enjoyed getting to travel around Europe and hopes to have many more experiences abroad as well as enjoying their holiday home in Mangawhai.