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Wealth Creation

Here at NZ 1st Financial Services, we are a registered Financial Service Provider (FSP39902) providing tailor made investments to our clients, with a primary focus of a return ON capital, not just a return OF capital. Through well researched companies we look for real growth of your assets after inflation. All assets are held under a custodial service, so there are no concerns on security. Reporting is the second most important fact after returns. This can be done on a 3 monthly 6 monthly or annual basis together with your annual tax statement, so there is less hassle from an accounting point of view.

Transforming Debt into Wealth

Debt is one of the biggest obstacles towards building wealth, and if you’re in debt you’ve got to eliminate it. Two steps to get out of debt fast is to get rid of your credit cards and put at least 10% of your take home income towards paying down your debt. Spending less than you earn is also a key prerequisite for debt elimination.

”Work more. Save more. Spend less. Waste less. You’ll be out of debt and on your way to building real wealth in no time. ”

Lump Sum Investments

We provide personalised advice and investment management to private clients.

As professional Financial Advisers (FSP 39902) we deliver personalised financial advice with administration staff that take care of the day to day information reporting, so to keep you informed on a regular bases.  Whether you are interested in retirement planning, KiwiSaver or securing your assets to pass onto future generations, we recognise that each client has individual requirements and we tailor our solutions to help you achieve your personal financial goals.

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