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Employer Benefit Schemes

Employee Group Risk Specialists

NZ 1st Financial Services is an advisory company that provides specialist expertise in Employee Group Risk.

With a history of over 25 years, we have assisted employees and their families in varied businesses. We provide a personalised service to ensure our clients’ entire company get the best possible Group Risk solutions.

NZ 1st Financial Services

We believe that having access to the best people using the best systems, infrastructure and expertise is essential to delivering the best service and advice to our clients and their Employees.

We recognise that all businesses are different and require unique solutions, therefore, we tailor our services to each of our clients and efficiently manage all Employee enquiries and administration issues allowing Employers to retain focus on their business operations and Employees.

NZ 1st Financial Services was developed in the belief that there was an opportunity to provide a quality service to Employers and Employees, with transparency and integrity.




“ We provide a quality service to employers and employees with     transparency and integrity”





Employee Benefit Review

A good Employee Benefit Scheme is key to adding value to an employee’s salary package. We conduct extensive benefit reviews, which involve comparing your current Group Scheme with others in the industry.

This process measures benefit design so that you have transparency by way of any shortfalls that may occur at claim time.


Group Insurance

We make it easy for you by making sophisticated insurance simple to select and easy to deliver.

Insurance through a group policy is cheaper than through a personal policy. We offer employers tailored insurance solutions to suit their employees’ needs.

Members experience no underwriting (depending on staff numbers), with the flexibility to choose more insurance options than just the basics. The solutions provide quality cover for death, total and permanent disability, health insurance and salary continuance insurance, all at preferential rates.

Why Outsource Superannuation and Insurance?

Outsourcing your KiwiSaver and insurance to NZ 1st Financial Services reduces administrative costs and internal workload. We efficiently manage all your employee enquiries and administration issues allowing you to retain focus on your company operations and employees.



"What is good for your employees is good for your business"



















Independent Market Research

We use an independent research house to assess the thousands of product providers in the marketplace. This allows us to choose the very best providers in New Zealand market place.

Administrative Assistance

Our company is driven by our people and their professional service and integrity. Claimants speak directly to an experienced administrator who immediately follows up claims until they are settled or paid.

Processing Insurance Claims

Making an insurance claim can be stressful. Our insurance personnel are well connected within the claims industry, reducing the stress associated with making a claim.


NZ 1st Financial Services Package

Business benefits

  • Full Administration and HR support,

  • Accurate and on time reporting (business and employees), 

  • KiwiSaver monitoring (administration and investment performance),

  • Tailor make financial services to your staff,

  • Simple, uncomplicated and effective employee communications tailored to your company.

Effective Policy Committee servicing

  • Regular and on call meetings,

  • KiwiSaver monitoring; Administration delivery and Investment Performance,

  • Management of Insurance matters; Claims, Underwriting and Pricing,

  • Management of employee education requirements.

Employee benefits

  • Effective communication upon joining your company scheme,

  • Timely and accurate member reports,

  • Group and individual education via internet, face to face and written,

  • Management of their Insurance Underwriting and Claims requirements,

  • Telephone and email services facility.

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