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Pension Transfers

United Kingdom and Australian Pension Transfers

UK Pension Transfers
It is important to seek good experienced advice. To transfer UK Pensions to New Zealand we use approved superannuation funds. This avoids the risk of potentially being taxed up to 55% on the transfer value of your pension. We have a 100% success rate with eligible investments.

APS (Australian Super Advice Search)
Currently, for those people who have the rights to return to Australia to live or work (broadly this means Australian and NZ citizens), your super funds have to stay in Australia. Special provisions already exist for “temporary work visa” residents.

However, the New Zealand and Australian Governments have signed an arrangement agreeing, in principle, to allow portability of funds between Australia complying super schemes and NZ KiwiSaver schemes. This arrangement is now with the legislators in the two countries to draw up the detailed rules/regulations for such transfers.

NZ 1st Financial Services have a facility to research and find the lost super sitting in Australia that you have left behind on your return back to New Zealand.


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